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Faster, more consistent processes with complete control

Redwood Cronacle® breaks the costly cycle of firefighting and manual intervention across business and IT processes, speeding them up and improving accuracy and reliability. Get the most from every application and resource and achieve the control needed to improve their consistency and quality, without having to make any compromises.

IT Operations

Streamline and improve operational agility, on demand

ERP & Application Automation

SAP®, Oracle and other on premises and cloud applications

Data and Reporting

Big Data, SAP® HANA, Business Intelligence and more

Supply Chain Automation

Connect and orchestrate all facets of your supply chain

Billing Automation

Streamline and optimise all your mass billing activities

System Copy

Make SAP® system copy easily repeatable, reportable and auditable

Finance Automation

From credit check to financial close, reporting and compliance

Workload Automation

Automate legacy scheduler and workload automation tools


With Cronacle you can

Improve the consistency and quality of all your business and IT processes

Save Time & Money
Our unique approach to process automation means you can remove artificial date and time limitations, eliminate bottlenecks, and improve your SLAs. Optimizing your processes will ensure that you are able to address any critical business issues immediately.
Improve Performance
Cronacle delivers maximum throughput and performance for your business. With a multi-threaded engine and dynamic load balancing, you can handle high volumes of activities across multiple systems and applications for your most complex IT and business processes.
Centralize Management
Reduce the cost of administration with a single console to control and monitor all your business and IT processes from a central point. The easy-to-use, web-based user interface allows you to access Cronacle from anywhere, at any time.
Deliver Transparency
Give your business and IT users the self-service visibility they need to keep track of process status with a role-based interface. And use mobile devices to manage processes and carry out tasks such as process approvals, decisions and responses.
Cronacle ensures that orders are met and delivered to our customers within the time promised. Without it, our customers wouldn’t receive their books on time and we could lose out to competition should our level of service drop.
Toon Koppelaars, IT Manager at Central Book House

Redwood insight

Be proactive rather than reactive!

Redwood Insight delivers process continuity to your business so processes can keep running despite potential interruptions. Why spend time firefighting problems when you can identify them beforehand and prevent them from happening? With Redwood Insight, all business and IT stakeholders have the visibility and control they need to view and participate in the automation process as it happens and make corrective decisions before it’s too late.

To help you manage your entire process automation infrastructure in a more efficient way, Redwood Insight includes Auditing, Monitoring, SLA Analysis, Archiving and Redwood Intelligence. All of which are designed to further extend organization and control of your processes.

Increase Visibilty
  • Self-service view into critical processes
  • See estimated completion times
  • Receive alerts of delays
  • Show trends and probability of future SLA breaches
Gain Control
  • Manage changes to SLAs and process deadlines
  • Apply workflow to enable quick decision making
  • React to changing conditions and occurrences
  • Correct disruptions before they impact the business
Ensure Governance
  • Define rules, structure and security
  • Reduce risk in business process execution
  • Enforce a reason for change and rollback if needed
  • Track changes and receive automatic audit trails

Even the best implementations can experience problems that require extra support and often those issues don’t keep office hours. So, if they do happen, you need the peace of mind that the finest support is available 24/7/365. The Redwood Platinum Support service offers direct access to our highly skilled support technicians for those situations where you need speed and absolute expertise above all else. They know everything about Redwood Insight and how to solve any issues.


Redwood Intelligence

The future just became more predictable

Historical time-series analyses
Analyze trends and report exceptions
Predict completion times
Resource-based analytics

With Redwood Intelligence, you receive historical and predictive analytics and benchmarking, From that you gain the ability to monitor, diagnose problems and adapt to change. Analyze the past, track progress and predict the future.

Get the knowledge you need to improve every process With Redwood Intelligence


A few of our many customers

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Toyota relies on Cronacle® to fully automate the data pulls that keep its data warehouse up-to-date, accurate and consistent
Through powerful automation we helped cut the time for onboarding new customers from several weeks to just a few days
Redwood’s automation helped cut financial report production process time from nine days to just five
AOL transitioned from a manual cycle only supporting revenue recognition once a week to a daily automatic revenue recognition process coordinated across the enterprise

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